Itre Furniture

There are no hard and fast rules about who can join the discussion list, but here are a few pointers, further to the general guidelines given on the 'About Us' page.

A definition of 'designer-maker' for our purposes is hard to pin down. It would include people who design and make what the Americans would call 'studio furniture'. However, we welcome people who are not necessarily trying to be avant guarde, and may in fact be quite conservative in style, and may actively resist becoming too 'precious'. On the other hand we welcome people making 'furniture as art'. It comes down to a matter of emphasis and intent, and maybe the best thing is to ask yourself questions such as:

Here are some example attributes, one or more of which may apply to a typical member. These are by no means prerequisites, and there are certainly members about whom these things do not apply - but that should be more because of their choice rather than ineligibility.

(Forgive this list if it appears narrow or parochial - members please add similar examples.)

The following will not be eligible:

Ultimately it will be up to the existing membership to approve or deny new applications. The intention is not to try and draw a line around ourselves and feel superior! Far from it - we simply want to strike a balance between the group becoming too broad and too narrow - there is no question of whether a successful member is better than a non-member. If the membership becomes too broad, the very personal nature of the list will be lost, whereby everyone at least stands a chance of knowing all the other members (even if only by name), and discussions, requests for help and offers of help would become constrained by the feeling that we are addressing too wide an audience, and people who are not really our 'peers'. On the other hand, we do not want to be too narrow in our definition of what a designer-maker is, and miss out on all sorts of valuable and fresh insights from people who do things differently from ourselves.