Henry Swanzy

http://www.swanzyfinefurniture.co.uk/images/various/plane.jpgSwanzy Fine Furniture is a small company dedicated to the production of finely crafted furniture. Most of the work we undertake is made to commission, although we produce a small range of limited edition pieces, which are available to order.

Each piece we produce is made by a single craftsman, who will take the job from hand-selecting the boards, through to applying the chosen finish. This time-honoured practice means that pride, and therefore quality, remain uncompromised.

The timber we use is sourced largely from local timber merchants, and we use British timber wherever possible, though sometimes timber from other temperate (non-tropical) climates offers the only sensible solution.

Our design philosophy is led by a desire to create furniture that is both elegant and simple, and which not only enhances but also complements the surroundings for which it is intended. The quality of the craftsmanship ensures that all our furniture will last for generations to come, and we aim to mirror this by creating designs that will be equally enduring.