Itre Furniture

DMOU is not a society, or an association, or a guild (or at least if it is, it is a very unusual one!). There is no-one in charge, no committee, and no-one pays any subscriptions.

It consists essentially of a membership knitted together by an email forum, plus this website. This membership consists of a large body of excellent designer-makers of furniture from all over the UK, including the top names in the field. Every member has been invited by other members, who consider that those they invite meet the following criteria:

That they be -

Most, if not all, will be producing one-off work to commission, though some will also be involved in high quality batched work. Through only a little catalysis on the part of a few, the membership has grown spontaneously, and includes a wide range of designer-makers. We believe that collectively we represent an amazingly under-recognised, and under-used body of talent - a national treasure if only more of the nation knew about us! Through the medium of the internet, the membership shares ideas and resources, and aims to increase the numbers of those lucky enough to have discovered the joys of buying or commissioning pieces of fine furniture.

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